• Roasted Asparagus
    Roasted Asparagus Oven-roasted asparagus concentrates flavors and Italian-style Salsa Verde adds a delicious flourish. Vinaigrettes and Other Dressings, page 90.
  • My Favorite Fruit Salad
    My Favorite Fruit Salad Honeydew melon, delicate white grapes & lemon cucumbers dressed with "Mina's Tears," a blend of absinthe, lime, cucumber juice and honeydew juice, crowned with shredded mint
  • Salsa Verde
    Salsa Verde Italian-style Salsa Verde, delicious on grain salads, pasta salads and all things grilled.
  • Tabbouleh
    Tabbouleh Tabbouleh is traditional yet flexible. In Vinaigrettes and Other Dressings, I feature my traditional version plus eight seasonal variations.
  • Warm Potato Salad with Bacon & Tomatoes
    Warm Potato Salad with Bacon & Tomatoes Simple French-style warm potato salad, topped with cherry tomatoes and crisp bacon, page 148 in Vinaigrettes & Other Dressings
  • Watermelon Vinaigrette
    Watermelon Vinaigrette A delicate dressing delicious with fried haloumi cheese, halibut gravlax, beet carpaccio and fruit salad with whipped ricotta